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Beginner’s Guide to Vehicle Diagnostics

Today’s post answered some of the most common questions we get from drivers about booking their first vehicle diagnostics test.

Read on or Find a TIRECRAFT to start a free consultation straight away.

What is a Vehicle Diagnostics Test?A vehicle diagnostics test is used to identify any issues with your car’s engine, exhaust, transmission, ignition coils, oil tank, throttle, and more.

The TIRECRAFT vehicle diagnostics test includes: Reviewing data from your vehicle’s internal computer (ECM or PCM) to read any codes and performance data pertaining to the problemChecking the battery (e.g.

headlight check, alternator tests, corrosion inspection)Inspecting the charging system (e.g.

battery, battery terminal posts, clamps, cables, and wiring)Determining the cause of any dashboard warning lightsIdentifying the cause of any rough running (e.g.

problematic oxygen sensors, clogged fuel filters or fuel pump), misfires, or stallingScanning and/or reprogramming vehicle modulesTesting the air b ...

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