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16 Fire Fighting Appliances and Preventive Measures Onboard Ships

Without doubt, one of the main causes of accidents on board ships is fire.

This is because of the presence of high temperature, excess quantity of flammable oil and other combustible materials.

A ship is approved to sail in international waters only if it is constructed as per Fire Safety System code and carries required Fire Fighting Appliances approved by the concerned authority.

A ship is fitted with various types of fire retardant and fire fighting equipment so as to fight any kind of fire and extinguish it as soon as possible before it turns into a major catastrophic situation.

In this article we bring to you a list of important fire fighting equipment and measures present on board.

Following are the Fire fighting equipment which are used on board ships:.


Fire Retardant Bulkhead: Different Class of bulkhead such Class-A, Class-B and Class-C are used on board ship for construction of bulkhead in areas like accommodation, machinery space, pump room etc.

The main applic ...

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